Friday, June 20, 2014

Pet love

Do you love Pets?
Do you love cats or dogs?
Guinea pigs or hamsters?
Fish or parrots?
Turtle or snake?
Bunny or chick?
Lizard or snails?
Post a comment answering my questions above

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hawaiian Vocabulary

In my class we are blogging with 5 graders in Hawaii they have taught my class how to say two different statements, A'ole Piliki'a ....No problem!
 I lå maika'i! Have a great day!
Wich I think is awesome, I do actually know how to speak a little bit of french but that's a different story. Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

testing season

The testing season was here and its gone already. The highlights of the testing season is the math test. I thought that was pretty cool. I'm actually more of a writing type of person but on the very long and boring ELA test I was always the last person to finish because when I write, I write long long passages and paragraphs. On the math test I solve the problem and I'm done. And that is honest feedback of the testing season.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Audience

Over all 50 people have viewed my blog. 4 comments, that doesn't bother me because I've had this blog     for a few months by now. I don't really think my blog has been advertised in the best way possible.  I mean not a lot of people have viewed my blog sense  most of the people that have viewed my blog was me. My blog has been advertised in one way that I know of.

Friday, December 20, 2013

My first free write

I like Thanksgiving because it is a day to enjoy your family and friends. Thanksgiving is also a day to eat lots of good food and give thanks. This Thanksgiving the turkey was great and I had a lot of family over. I learned my multiplication facts and also division. Thanksgiving this year was fun and I can't wait till next Thanksgiving.

Reflection of possibilities

I think the possibilities of Kyle Lambert video to be true is high. There is a higher possibility when you could actually see the persons hands. Because you can see if they really did it or not. The person could have just taken a photo and rewinded it to make it look like they did it . Kyle Lamberts video seems real  It's amazing that you could make so much artistic things on the iPad. It's also amazing how you can share information on the internet. But the internet can lie about if things are true or not.
The Morgan Freeman video has less possibilities of being true.

This one is a lot more possible then the Morgan Freedman video